For over 75 years, we have come to play a role in our community that no other organization has. We have provided a place where those who have served their country can come to find solidarity, peace, and a true sense of community. In addition, we have served our region by providing scholarships for youth, services for Veterans and their families in need, and a place for the public at large to host events.

We are ready to take our mission to the next level in the service to our Veterans, Military Families, and community. However, our current home is aging and becoming inadequate for our needs. The need for a facility such as ours has never been greater, which is why we are launching a capital campaign to establish a freshened, more capable home.

This will take our engagement with the community to a new height, ensuring that we can continue providing more services to Veterans, their families, and the community at large.

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ATTN: Hampden VFW

P.O. Box 555

Hampden, ME 04444

Your donation to the Whitcomb-Baker Post 4633 Capital Campaign will help support those who have already given so much and want to give even more.